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    The ever growing economy and tourism in Southeast Asia, particularly The Republic of Indonesia, attracts more foreign airlines to expands their market to this part of the world. Some of them extend thier service to be on line but mostly just open their representatives.

    PT. Ayuberga was established on 12 September 1978 in Jakarta to cater the needs of foreign airlines of their representatives which able to take care their inquiries in Indonesia. The First airlines that appointed Ayuberga as their General Sales Agent is Saudi Arabian Airlines in 1980.

    The mission of this company is exclusively specializing the business of General Sales Agency business by maintaining good work, effective and efficient services to the principals. The qualified staff and long experienced, in this particular business are the strength for the success of the mission.

    During the last few years not less than seven big airlines in the world have appointed Ayuberga as their General Sales Agent in Indonesia.

    H.M. Bermawi, MBA